Sambal Jawa (Javanese Chili)


Javanese Sambal/Chili with the signature taste of Indonesia that is packed in a modern way. Available in various flavors and levels of spiciness. Suitable for a companion to eat with any side dish to bring the taste of Indonesia in your home.

Sambal jawa dengan cita rasa khas Indonesia yang dikemas secara modern. Tersedia dalam berbagai varian rasa dan level kepedasan. Cocok untuk dijadikan teman makan dengan lauk apapun untuk menghadirkan cita rasa Indonesia di rumah anda


Product Description

Kringz Hot and Spicy Javanese Condiments Variant:

– Red chili with Klothok salted fish
– Red chili with Terasi
– Red chili with Rebon shrimp
– Red chili with Garlic
– Green chili with Medan’s anchovy
– Green chili with Peda salted fish

Super spicy
– Red chili with Garlic
– Red chili with smoked fish

Extra super spicy
– Red chili with garlic
– Green chili with Medan’s anchovy


Varian Rasa/Flavor Variant:
– Bawang (pedas, super pedas, ekstra super pedas)
– Ijo teri Medan (pedas, ekstra super pedas)
– Ijo ikan asin peda (pedas)
– Klotok (pedas, ekstra super pedas)
– Terasi (pedas)
– Udang Rebon (pedas)

Pedas = Spicy
Super Pedas = Super Spicy
Ekstra Super Pedas = Super Extra Spicy


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